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"What are you doing?" Julian asked, laughing and leaning away from the camera, "I want to see your face, not up your nose."

Logan just grinned, “I love you,” he said, moving towards the camera before pressing a kiss against it.

"Did you really just do that? Are you that cheesy?"

"Problem?" Logan asked, moving back so his whole face was on the screen, "I don’t recall you complaining last we-"

"Okay, not while I’m on set."

"Why did you have to go?" the blonde asked, his voice dropping, "we chose the same college so we wouldn’t have to be apart."

"Nice try Logan, we chose the same college because they offered good courses. We weren’t even together until second year. And because I’m shooting a movie. I’ll be back in two weeks, remember?"

Logan paused, “… can we just say we chose the same college to be together? It sounds more romantic.”

"Since when did you care about being romantic?"

"March, 3rd last year."

"That was the day we got together."

"Oh, so your time at Dalton did pay off!"

"Shut up. I have to go, they’re calling me over. I’ve got to kiss the girl and make it look like I’m interested. Oh, don’t give me that look, she’s brunette. And not you."

"I’m still jealous, I have to wait two weeks."

"But this mouth will explore more of you than it will her," Julian added, winking, "fuck, getting evil eyes. Later Squid."

Logan rolled his eyes, “Goodbye Princess. I love you.”

"I love you too."

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